Life and the SVG Game Engine

In order to brush up on my C# skills I decided to go ahead and revive my on and off again project that I’ve written about here previously.  Unfortunately all the progress I had made before was lost in a harddrive failure (well…several failures of ill timing) along with my art resources.  Since I’m starting over anyway I figured I might as well write it in C# instead of C++ to save myself some time.

I also went ahead and recreated my artwork in Inkscape based on the old screenshots I had uploaded here for my previous posts.  I’m fairly happy with the results thus far:

Ninja, remastered!

SVG Ninja, right, recreated from the old bitmap on the left.

As can be seen I have recreated the old look fairly well, with some minor modifications to the shape of most of the body parts save the head.  The eye I think is quite a bit better in this version, as it seems a bit more expressive.

I might end up changing the colors and possibly the shape of the legs some down the road.  I mainly wanted to knock out a quick and dirty SVG version of the original art.

I also did a fair amount of digging earlier today in regards to OpenVG implementations, and ran across a very interesting project called KompazzVG, which is an OpenVG implementation based on Anti-Grain Geometry.  You’ll want to check out KompazzVG’s SVN.

Of particular interest to me is some code in the test_tiger_ri (render instance?  I haven’t looked at it closely) sample program which loads in a giant array of SVG path commands from a .c file and converts them to OpenVG paths.  It’s significantly cleaner than the solution I was using in my old project and it seems a great jumping off point for this second attempt.

More to come on the SVG project soon!

This post is titled “Life and…” because I also wanted to mention that I’ve recently moved back to Southern California and it’s great!  I’m looking for a new job down here, so if anyone knows of anything, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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