Interest in a C# ShivaVG Wrapper?



I spent most of yesterday morning doing some research into what I’ll need in order to use ShivaVG from C# with SFML, and I think I have a pretty good grasp on the work that will be required.  More than anything it seems like it will be mostly just tedious, as C# makes using C libraries quite easy.

In that vein, I just wanted to put the feelers out and see if there’s enough interest in such a wrapper for me to put in the extra effort to make it worthy of a public release.  So what say you, ShivaVG/C# developers?  Would you like to see a ShivaVG C# wrapper?


4 responses to “Interest in a C# ShivaVG Wrapper?

  1. Hi Bryan,

    I actually did complete (well, mostly, some functions aren’t implemented, but the stuff that’s missing is minor and easily implemented IMO) my wrapper. Here is the link to a paste site with the code. Essentially you just add this to your project and call the functions like you would any normal C# function.

    Currently my work on the SVGEngine project is backburnered in favor of Project Broadside (multiplayer FPS with destructible physics flying ships) so I probably won’t be updating the wrapper with a proper library implementation that uses all the features C# can bring to the table, but I’d love to see someone else take that next step. For my own purposes, when I finally do go back to the SVGEngine project, I’ll probably just use it in the state it’s in, the usage of which ends up being similar to any C library.

    Also, as far as I know, unless there are special things you need to do in Mono in order to import C library functions, this should already be compatible (doesn’t use any SFML or anything).

  2. Oops, almost forgot, I was going to put a link to the blog post that explains how to use the wrapper.

    It mentions grabbing the ShivaVG library, compiling it, then taking the .dll and adding that to your C# project in Visual Studio. If you’re using Mono, I’m not sure how that will work, but I imagine it’s basically the same deal.

  3. Ross : what’s tour lastest version of shiva VG ?
    i’m trying to improve it with my team, and it’s better to start from the last one !

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