SVG Game Engine Project – Progress!

It’s been quite hot here in Southern California these past few days, and as such I’ve not been motivated to get a whole lot done.  However, as the night cooled down some I decided to go ahead and jump right into writing the C# wrapper for ShivaVG I’ll need to move forward with the SVG engine.

To get started I went ahead and made a new class in the SFML .NET OpenGL sample, and started plugging in functions from the ShivaVG library and figuring out how to convert them over to C# function signatures.  Not too hard.  I did find a (PDF warning) nice little reference guide that gives code listings for various things you’ll encounter when calling unmanaged C code from C#.   I also found a nice little tool called CLRInsideOut from Microsoft

Wrapper Progress

As you can see in the watch window, the createSuccess variable has been changed to VG_TRUE inside the vgCreateContextSH call, and thePaint has a memory address from vgCreatePaint.

that can do various things including convert code snippets of C/C++ to C# code.

Thus far I have the OpenGL sample initializing an OpenVG context and creating a VGPaint element, which seems to be working based on the returned values and status codes.  Huzzah!


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