E3 to be Yawntastic?

I was just looking at this article, and it looks like for the most part the big three at E3 don’t seem to have a lot of interesting stuff planned to show.  MS is going to be mostly Natal, I think that’s a safe bet, and not very interesting unless they show something really phenomenal that uses it well.  Sony is going to be showing off the Move and 3D TV stuff, the latter of which is especially uninteresting given that no one has 3D TVs and it’s impossible to see how good/bad the integration is.

I don’t see 3D taking off when many developers are barely pushing the hardware to render a single perspective of their games’ scenes at 30fps in HD resolution, much less two renders of the scene at 60fps.

Nintendo hasn’t had an interesting E3 in quite a while with the last one being the extremely disappointing Wii Music and Wii Vitality Sensor unveiling, both of which are absolute duds.  This year they might show off something with the Vitality Sensor, but who cares?  I think Nintendo is just chillaxing with their millions, not trying to do much and resting on their success, which I think is a mistake.


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