Project Broadside Site Design Update

Tom and I (co-creators of Project Broadside) have recently spent some time updating the site’s Drupal theme to be more in line with the game’s style.  The new theme elements are a combination of our ideas and Tom’s quick Photoshop skillz.  Check it out!

Project Broadside


Wow, it’s been a while!

I haven’t posted here in a while, so firstly, apologies to everyone that checks this blog regularly.  SVG Game Engine project is definitely not dead, I will still work on it at some point. In this first post of a several more to come, I want to just update everyone onwhat I’ve been doing and why this blog has gone without an update in a while.

The past couple of months I have been scraping by via some contract programming work for BrokeAss Games, LLC, doing some very cool stuff with the Torque 3D engine. I can’t reveal what they have in store but it’s definitely cool tech and will be worth every penny. BrokeAss is an awesome team full of great guys and they are a blast to work with!

Speaking of BrokeAss Games, I recently met up with them at SIGGRAPH (thanks guys for the pass!) 2010 and hung out for a couple hours on the show floor. While I was there, BrokeAss Jon (heheh) was telling me I should just prototype the hell out of Project Broadside, and not sweat the art so much (I was spoiled by Matt giving me so much cool art!). I took his advice to heart and two weeks later, a VERY rough version of all the tech I need for my dream game, Project Broadside, was done. There are still some mighty bugs to work out and a lot of art assets are needed (something like 12 models per faction, which is pretty modest, but quickly adds up).

I’ll be showing off some more info about Project Broadside soon, and also introducing the project site and a couple of REALLY big announcements.

And a shot of the first ship (unfinished, heavily alpha state, but you can run around on it while it moves and go between decks, and pilot it).