Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

For US readers, you are no doubt celebrating Thanksgiving today with your families. For those of you that (for some reason) decide to visit my very modest blog on this holiday, Happy Thanksgiving.

To my international readers (if any) Happy Consolation Pseudo-Holiday. Or something.

This post really brought to light something for me, which is that I don’t really understand the readership of this blog. When I checked the stats today, and noticed there were 31 views across the blog, I was somewhat perplexed.

What I *do* know is that it seems my OpenVG/SVG related posts are easily the most popular, which isn’t a surprise to me. There is very little information about how to properly get SVGs loaded and rendered fast enough for interactive framerates (needed for games or other simulations involving rapidly changing path data). It took me about a month, spread over a couple of years to really find the best ways of doing these things, and there was almost no information, and what there was is very outdated.

Anyway, Happy Turkey-Day to those of you celebrating, and happy reading to the rest.


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