Cross-Post: Project Broadside Update

Work has been going along steadily on my main development project, Project Broadside. A team-based multiplayer FPS set in the skies, Broadside pits two teams against eachother in physics based airship combat. Captain the ship while your team mans the cannons, or fight it out as a crewman against the enemy team using pistol, sword or cannon. The first team to destroy the enemy ship and send it plummeting from the heavens wins! More info about Broadside here.

And now, the part everyone always waits for: art!

The final side-view Imperial Crew Pistol concept art.

The final pistol model changed quite a bit from this initial concept.

Final Imperial Crew Pistol Model

As you can see, the evolution of the pistol from concept to model introduced a lot of design changes. The original design was much less traditional.

For more development art shots of Broadside, check here.


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